Water Damage

Did you know 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage at home or work each day? Water can quickly damage your property in short amount of time. Bursting pipes, plumbing issues, sewage backups & rain storms can all be catastrophic losses to your property.

Bursting pipes is a messy situation. With the onset of cold weather pipes may become frozen and no matter the strength of the pipes they will most likely burst causing severe damage to your property. Once a pipe bursts the clock starts ticking and you must act quickly to minimize the the damages from water. The affected area must be dried quickly as It doesn’t take long for the damages to become hazardous mold growth.

Krush Restoration can help you clean up, dry out & repair your damages with our experienced team and equipment preventing any hazardous mold growth.

Common Services
  1. - 24/7 Emergency response
  2. - Water extraction
  3. - Dry out/Dehumidification
  4. - Content Moving & Storing
  5. - Decontamination
  6. - Reconstruction
  7. - 1 year workmanship warranty