Mold Removal

Think you’ve got mold? It’s a common misconception that mold can not grow in Colorado due to our dry conditions. The truth is mold can occur in the driest climates under the right conditions.

Mold can rot out frames, seep onto concrete, carpet & fabrics sometimes requiring replacement. Mold can grow in the cracks of your home so it’s important to make sure the mold is correctly remediated. Non-professional attempts to remove mold may be a temporary fix however with the lack of equipment & knowledge the mold will continue to come back.

With Krush Restoration trained team & equipment we will get rid of the hazardous mold in your home or business.

Common Services
  1. - 24/7 Emergency response
  2. - Mold assessment and testing
  3. - Mold remediation
  4. - Content Moving & Storing
  5. - Decontamination
  6. - Reconstruction