Fire/Smoke Damage

A Fire literally turns your home upside down & is devastating. The effects of smoke damage, fire damage & water damage don’t take long to become worse. We hear so often “the sooner, the better” and this would be one of those scenarios repairing fire damage & smoke damage quickly help place your life back on track.

"It's JUST smoke damage."" Smoke damage is the most dangerous part of a fire. Even parts of the home that didn’t burn become contaminated with potentially toxic smoke which can’t be seen with the naked eye. These microscopic smoke particles will lure in all of your clothing, pieces of furniture & even in pet or children’s toys. Microscopic smoke particles are hard to remove requiring professional techniques & equipment.

We will work with your insurance to document & quickly assess your damages. At Krush Restoration our ultimate goal is to efficiently clean up & repair your home.

Common Services
  1. - 24/7 Emergency response
  2. - Securing/board up
  3. - Cleaning
  4. - Sanitizing
  5. - Odor removal